Il progetto

CPA (Chemical Pharmaceutical Generic Association) is an association that brings together some of the most important Italian manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients dedicated to generic drugs and more.

As a tribute to the culture pharmaceutical wanted to celebrate the tenth anniversary of an event open to all,
organized as a real show.

10 years, 10 islands of the narrative. Two pentagons, one straight and one overturned that evoke two forces in opposition testimony of the eternal duality of the world and of life, giving rise to a decagon:
a key element of the exhibition.

"Decàgonum" in its Latin form to invoke the inherent historical value, is the exhibition structure itself around which were placed the islands of the narrative: each side corresponds to a period and a projection through a monitor.

The course is a historical survey, from shamanism to pharmacopoeias, through a particular navigation between books, accompanied by narration and music with a crucial role in stimulating the well-being of the body. With an average duration of 2 minutes per video, the entire route takes no more than half an hour. (10 videos are available on "Videos")

The exhibition was in the prestigious Camera dei Notari in via dei mercanti very close to the Duomo of Milan, saturday the 8th and sunday the 9th of march 2014. (you can see a gallery and the guestbook in "The Exhibition”).

Ancient books, itinerary and narration
Marcello Fumagalli
CONCEPT, DESIGN and production
Paolo Sturniolo
The Exhibition

Here you can play the ten videos, you can start from the first and go directly to the next.
You can always come back here to play the videos in a different order.